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In 2009 Trish Clark, then Artistic Driector of Kentucky Conservatory Theatre, invited Sully White to workshop a production of Charles Mee's Big Love (promotional video below) in hopes of producing the show as part of SummerFest in an upcoming season. Ellie Clark was included among the cast and was heading home to Kentucky from New York for the summer workshop. One role had not yet been filled and a significant one at that. Ellie Clark had just met an actor in New York three weeks prior to her departure and against all better judgement, mentioned him to Sully and Trish for consideration. After much discussion, a brief introduction and a short phone interview, Sully took a leap of faith and invited Evan Bergman to come to Lexington to workshop Big Love for the summer. Let's just say...

Big Love was a life-changer.  So many things happened that should have stopped us from moving forward with sharing that play but because of the grit and determination and love for that piece, the strength of the ensemble (cast and crew), and the encouragement and determination from our producer, Trish Clark, the work made it to an audience. The response was more than we could have ever hoped for--positive and negative.  When you've had one of those "against all odds" experiences, when you feel you truly shared something with an audience, it sticks with you...and you want to do it again.  Without "planning" for it to happen, the world worked in mysterious ways, and by the fall of 2010, Evan, Ellie and Sully had all found Lexington, KY as their permanent residence.


Sitting at the kitchen counter, in the home of Trish Clark, discussion began about the incredible play Lonely Planet by Steven Dietz. With two amazing actors in mind, Evan was ready to direct and we decided we should produce under some sort of name. Thus, Project SEE Theatre was born. It wasn't long before we met our resident designer, the inimitable Mike Sanders. Over the years we developed quite an ensemble of actors whom we often have the pleasure of working with. And we are always excited to meet and work with new artists!


This is the promotional video of our workshop production of Big Love back in 2009.

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